Double Mouth Feedback in Greater New York (2015) at MoMA PS1

Double Mouth feedback, 2015, six-channel sound installation (12 minute loop); wood, steel, speakers, speaker wire, amps, audio interface, and participant recordings; six sculptural elements: 8 feet x 12 inches x 2 feet. Installation dimensions variable.

The prompts participants responded to for recordings made at Recess for Double Mouth Feedback (2015) were printed on the back of a 11 inch x 14inch take away poster (pictured above).

About Double Mouth Feedback

Double Mouth Feedback is a multi-channel sound installation. The source material for this project is generated from vocal recordings from participants. The recordings were created in response to a series of prompts asking the participants to manifest their experience of gender through vocal sound. The vocal composition was created with electronic composer Bruno Coviello.

The installation incorporates the material aspects of sound, using wave patterns, interference phenomena, and vocal superposition to structure the composition. Multiple Frequencies, pitch shifts, and expressions are woven together to collectively imagine a more inclusive and expansive gender system.

Double Mouth Feedback was first produced in partnership with Recess, a nonprofit art space that supports artists working in a public setting.


Mary Elizabeth Adams
Indira Allegra
Jess Arnt
Josh Bannen
Morgan Bassichis
Steven Berkowitz
Katie Brewer Ball
Nancy Brooks Brody
Nath Ann Carrera
Antonio CeLotto
Yvette Choi
Benjamin Chong
Jaime Shearn Coan
Anna Craycroft
Marleigh Culver
Raul De Nieves
Rachel Ellis Neyra
Sam Feder
Malik Gaines
Ethan Hickerson
Kathrine Hubbard
Ted Kerr
Aleijuan King
Melanie Kress
Kimi Mojica
Sara Magenheimer
Jeanine Oleson
Colleen O'Malley
Alison Opda
Dan Opdevigh
Ethan Philbrick
Whitney Platt
Colin Self
Ryan Spiess
Joshua Thorson
Nickolaus Typaldos